Serving at Satan's Altar: The Satanic Truth About God, Satan, and the Left Hand Path, Paperback/W. L. Newton

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The God most of the world worships is known as Yahweh/Jehovah, yet what if you were told that this isn't the true God, but an angel posing as God? What if you were to be told that Satan is not the enemy but the wife of the true God and Creator? This is the book of hidden teachings! Satan or Iblis is the wife of the True Creator, and the Mother of all! Satan is the Ultimate Reality known as Haawiya who is the Mother of all, the Void or the True Creator of all! In this book I give the proofs of the esoteric/occult teachings that have been hidden for centuries! These are the teachings of true Satanism, and it is through Satan our Mother that we will come to the knowledge of the Truth! About author(s): W.Newton is an ordained High Priest of the Gnostic Order of Nazorean Essenes, as well as being the High Priest and Sheikh of the Order of the Crescent. The Order of the Crescent is an inverted or Satanic Order which teaches the truth of Satanism and who Satan as well as Yahweh/Jehovah truly is. He has dedicated his life to showing the truth behind all of the lies of the religions of Yahweh as well as the lies and falsehoods of the bible. W.Newton is also a Master Mason, has been through the York rite of Masonry, and holds the 32 degree of Scottish Rite Masonry.

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