The Lady in Blue: The memoirs of First Lady Air Marshal, Paperback/Padma Bandopadhyay

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As a child we hear stories from our grandparents, later we read them throughout one's life from various sources. These stories and experiences are my own during my journey through this life. The reader can laugh or cry; believe or disbelieve the narrative but cannot be indifferent and ignore. Change is the only phenomenon which is ever happening throughout millions of years. In a subtle way, the changes within me and the environment, are brought out. This book tells us about a young girl's dream to excel against all odds in the then prevailing social milieu. The stark contrast with today's scene is depicted. Hope you enjoy the comparisons and contrasts. The book opens with a prayer to Lord Venkateswara or Balaji. Life at Tirupati brings out the grandeur of this rich temple town as it was then. Family tree elaborates the strict patriarchial society where women have least importance. Tough decisions talks about the obstacles faced by the young girl and how she overcomes them. The most talked about, discussed in every forum are gender issues. Gender brings out the contrast between male and female at all levels from cradle to grave. Women have to work many times harder to prove their worth in any sphere. Read for yourself and enjoy.

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